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  Hello!  I just want to say...THANK   YOU...so much for taking such good care of Boo   Boo during my vacation.  All I can say is WOW.    The level of service you provided was unexpected   and GREATLY appreciated.  Now that he is   older, I really worry about him.  It feels good   knowing he is in such good hands while I am   away.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  
  - Jen O. ( 11/14/07)

 "I'm back in town and just wanted to thank
  you for the happy cats I came home to. The boys
  were in fine fettle and by all accounts really
  enjoyed having you look in on them. It was as if
  I hadn't been away. While I don't look forward
  to leaving my cats, I will feel some relief I can
  call CCN when I must be away.

  Thanks again - Dave "

      Thanks for taking such great care of our
     kitties. I got home and they all seem very happy
     and hardly noticed our absence. We will
     definitely use your service again when we go
     on a real vacation in the fall. - Faith"

"Your services are indispensable. Thank you so much for all your loving care this year."

   " Your cat blog was so comforting and fun to check while we were in Switzerland. I know it
may sound silly, but I couldn't wait to wake up
and check on Amy's activites everyday. We wish you continued success and we'll call you soon! "

"Your in home Pedicure service is just fantastic! With 3 cats, it was such an hassle to put them all in their carriers and take them to the vet every month just for a trim. Your techs do a superior job - fast and stress free - for All of Us. We'll spread the word - and see you next month!"

  We're very pleased with your professionalism       and care for our cats. We would be glad to give you the highest recommendation."

"I finally have peace of mind when I have to leave town. I never worry about Max anymore since we found you. Thanks much for all your wonderful care."

"It is such a relief to have found a reliable   and caring sitter for Oscar and Elmo at last. We   have tried other services, but we just didn't feel     the same connection nor did they go beyond our expectations as your service has."

"Thanks so much for looking after Kelly at the   last minute. You always make these spur of the moment business trips less stressful."



Long overdue, but I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU to you and Chicago Cat Nannies for watching our kitties when we had to take that trip last month. I cannot tell you how much it eases our minds to know that our kitties are well taken care of when we are away. And the blog was a wonderful way to check anytime and see how our little ones are doing!  Both Cat Nanny employees who have watched our kitties were absolutely wonderful- and knowing that someone is here, not only to feed them and change their litter box, but also to spend time with and comfort them makes traveling so much more enjoyable and less worrisome for us. And, this last time, having your mom here full time to watch them was more that we could ever ask for!  It is so wonderful to return to happy kitties, versus kitties who give you the cold shoulder for a few days when you return!

It was so incredibly kind of you to make those arrangements for us when you didn’t hear back from Eric who normally handles the Western Suburbs. You are an outstanding business woman who truly delivers excellent customer service, and who also truly cares about cats.   If you ever would like us to provide a recommendation, customer quote, etc., please give us a call. We are so very grateful for your service and have no idea why anyone would ever use a kennel or untrustworthy neighbor when your company is around!  We wish you great success with Chicago Cat Nannies, and plan on using your service anytime we need to travel.

- Ashley & Jim V. ( 11/13/07)

"Manuel and I arrived home and were immediately greeted by our little family.  It was short lived though; they began looking for you! A little while ago, we found Genny sitting in the doorway of the den staring at the front door.  It dawned on me that she was waiting for you.  I finally had to break the news to her that you were not visiting for a few days; the look on her face was one that we will log in our memory banks for a long time to come.  She literally hung her head and walked away.  After Seghesio said hello, she retreated to the upstairs in pouting mode……you have won our kitties hearts for sure.

     Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our little family; it means the world to us.  It bears repeating that you are a rare jewel!!! "

- D.J. & Manuel C.

Thank you so much for taking care of Mimi and Cha-cha. When we returned home we could tell they received a lot of love and attention thanks to your care. The cats were relaxed and happy. We appreciate the extra care you gave when Mimi had an asthma attack during our absence.  Thank you for recommending Yesterday’s News too. It has helped to control Mimi’s asthma.   

 Mimi is much better now.  Thank you for your wonderful care of Mimi and Cha-cha.

- Hiromi

"Thank you so much for pointing out Maya's odd behavior. When you suggested her restless pacing might be related to a thyroid problem, I took her to the doctor right away. Sure enough Maya did have a thyroid condition and needed medication! She is doing so much better now and her pacing has stopped! I don't know how to thank you for your observations and opinion. We'll never use another cat nanny!"

"Thank you for telling me how to give Allie a pill! I can't believe I've been struggling with a Pill Popper when all I had to do was put it in a piece of cheese! How did we ever manage without you??"


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