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  * One visit, up to 2 cats (30 min): Feed, water,
      playtime, treats, brush, pets and snuggles,
     attitude & health assessment, refresh litter,
     tidying up and more!, $24.50
  * Two visits per day,$52.50
                                 * Additional cats, $6 each.
                                 * Additional time, $10(15 minute increments)
                                 * "How's My Kitty?" Daily online Reports, $5
                                 * "Every-other-day care", Discontinued.

Additional Fees :
* One-time initial consultation & account set up fee: $45
* Holiday Seasonal Premium: $35 ( one flat additional fee for all
   reservations occurring 5 days before and after any holiday. )
Cancellation Fee: Under 2 weeks notice prior to any holiday,$45
   Under 24 hrs. notice on all other days, $20
Key drop off or pick up: $35. To avoid this fee, please provide
  (2)copies of your house keys at the initial Consultation. We will
   retain keys in our secure lockbox until your next reservation.
* Medications (simple- ie. pills in food, or by mouth ) $6
* Sub-Q & Other fluid administration $9 w/calming
   massage before, during and after.
* Diabetic Injections, $9
* Secondary technician (help with fractious kitties), $23.50

Kitty Spa Treatments:
* Massage: 10 minutes (soothes fractiousness, pain &    loneliness) $10
* Pedicure: $38.50 (during trip) w/ calming massage & treats. (2 techs)
* Ear Cleaning: $8.50 (during trip) w/ caliming massage & treats.
* Theraputic Brush I (small matts gently removed) $18
* Theraputic Brush II (extreme matting) Call your groomer
* Day at the Spa Package: ( Massage, Pedicure, Ear Cleaning,    Theraputic Brush & Treats, $75 (2 techs)

Special Services:
* Mail pickup: No charge
* Plants: $10 every 15 mins.
* Chauffeur/companion to vet. appts., $34 hr.
* Overnights (guest amenities required), $75 night
* Rescheduling after departure (additional days), no charge
* Household Management: We will coordinate your help for special    tasks you'd love to have done when you return, $30 hr.
* Dog care: Please board Fluffy in your favorite playhouse :)
* Small fresh water fish tanks, frogs or other little creatures: $2 day
* Large salt water tanks requiring fresh food etc., $30 daily

   Fees are paid in full prior to departure to secure your reservation.
   We accept most forms of payment including: Check, Cash, Debit,    Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "I am leaving in a few days. Help!"

A: No problem! ! Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a brief meeting at your home prior to your departure. Please specify when calling if your kitty has any health problems so that we can choose the best nanny for you. The consultation usually last about 40 minutes. Please be prepared with the following:

Your cats habits, preferred toys and games, general appetite.

Your cats overall health, location of cat carrier, vaccination/ health records and his/her medication schedule, if needed.

Feeding schedule, amounts, dry, canned or both? Treats?

Emergency numbers: Yours, ours, your local contact, if possible and your veterinarian.

Location of litter, litter pans, bags, accessories, food, opener, broom, trash.

You will need to furnish (2) sets of keys: one set will stay in the office We'll go over opening and locking the doors which are sometimes temperamental.

Location of your cats favorite hiding places.

Any unusual behavior that may occasionally occur.

Any special services, medical and/or spa treatments you require.

- Lights can be turned on in the evening, off in the morning and curtains can be opened and closed. Newspapers and mail can be picked up.Plants can be watered.

- A written expanation of your TV remotes is also very helpful, especially when we feel we feel we need to stay longer. Also, if we have extra time between appointments, or if it is our lunch or break time, we will often spend it in a relaxing atmosphere. Kitty benefits by getting comforting lap-sitting time and you benefit by getting up to
one additional hour absolutely free!

Q: "How long do you normally stay?"
A: Officially, 30 minutes. It takes a minimum of 15-20 minutes just to feed, refresh the litter, check the house for any "accidents" (hairballs etc.) and tidying up. We will often stay longer however ( during non-holiday periods ) depending on your cats mood. Some days the little ones ( generally single cats) just seem to need some extra attention. There is no extra charge for this extended time.

Q: "How far in advance do I need to reserve time?"
A: During most of the year only a few days notice is necessary. During Holiday times we are becoming booked up to 2-3 months in advance. So call early when traveling during popular vacation times. We will do our best to accomodate emergencies if possible for a small additional fee.

Q. "What kind of service can I expect?"
A. Our team of Chicago Cat Nannies are all partners which makes an enormous difference. Therefore, we take the highest pride in providing the best service available in Chicago. We do NOT run in and out, flush litter down the toilet, send a different caretaker every day, and so on. When you hire CCN, you can expect the highest degree of professionalism in terms of confirmations, follow up calls and daily activity reports. At minimum, feeding dishes and water bowls are washed daily, litter on floor is swept and cat hair is removed from furniture. Your cat will bond with one person only and is pampered to the best of our ability including playtime, daily brushes and plenty of "kitty talk". We Care if he is lonely, agitated, overly excited, shy, bored, not feeling well etc. - and do our best to address each of their needs with individualized activites. One size does not fit all. In general, nearly all our kitties are well adjusted, sociable and friendly- if not immediately, within a very short period of time.We have very few instances of illness or behavioral problems. We pride ourselves in awareness, intuitiveness and long-term experience with a multitude of feline behaviors.

Q: "Do you do house sitting and/or can you take care of my dog and fish? "
A: If you have cats that we will be looking after, we will take care of Scruffy and Mr. Eel too as a courtesy. We love all animals. We do not accept dogs etc. only however. There are lots of good services out there for canines. For overnight companionship, we ask for two weeks notice if at all possible.

Q: "What languages do you speak?"
A. English and French