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Turkey Delight!
Most cats love turkey, but the highly spiced holiday bird is often too rich for them. This recipe would make a fine meal for your cats during the winter holidays, or any other time of the year. Skip the salt if your cat has feline hypertension.

Refrigerate or freeze in meal-size packets, then warm to serve!

1 1/2 cups water
1/2 tsp iodized salt (optional)
2 teaspoons corn oil
1/2 cup brown rice, uncooked
1/2 pound raw turkey giblets, chopped into kitty-bite-size pieces
1/4 cup carrot, chopped fine
1/2 cup chopped spinach

Combine salt, oil, and water and bring to a boil. Pour rice in boiling water, lower heat, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Stir in turkey giblets, carrot, and spinach. Cover and cook on low heat for another 10 or 15 minutes.

Cool and serve.
Yields 4 to 5 servings.
Store unused portions in an airtight container and keep refrigerated.

From The Cat-Lovers’ Cook Book by Tony Lawson (This book is currently out of print, but you might be able to find a used copy.)

Pumpkin Projects!

Pumpkin projects!

An Automatic Litter Box that Actually Works!!
*** update: One thing we have recently noticed about this product is that clay litter gets stuck on the inside grate unfortunately.... so even this is a bit tough to keep really sanitary and not the ultimate answer as we thought:) Still.... it beats daily scooping!

( original review 10/26/06)
Oh my gosh! We have to report that one of our new little charges, Isabelle, actually has a wonderful automatic box, called a Litter-Robot, that her mom says has been working like a champ for more than 6 months!

This is such a fabulous discovery, what with the "graveyard" of broken down Litter-Maid type boxes on our routes that are powered-down sorry excuses for even the most basic plastic box these days. It's so sad that absolutely no one can bear to just toss them out because they cost so darn much! But, it's time to just do it and move on.... They were nothing but trouble from the beginning with poop.getting stuck in the rear grate, urine clumps broken up, impossible to clean, a constant and not-so-nice-odeur, a teeny-tiny area for our babies to scratch around in and a life-span of about 2 months.Well, we've seen this Litter-Robot in action and there's NO grate and it works on an entirely different priciple. It's much cleaner and smarter all around. Most importantly, it works! We're just loving it!

Trying to loose weight? Try the New Miracle Feline Diet! (humor) (8/24/06)

Ways to keep kitty cool in a heatwave!

1) Put ice cubes in his/her water. They love it
2) Put icepacks in pillow cases or towels for them     to lay on.
3) Give them a Lion Cut. It's SO cute!
4) Wipe them down with wet hands or towels.
5) Keep the air and fans on when you're not     home!

How to Give Your Cat a Pill (Humor)

Formula for Litter Boxes :
Feline behaviorists agree that the ideal number of litterboxes in the household is one per cat, plus one. So even if there is just one cat in the home, there should be two litterboxes available to him. Many cats have a strong instinct to urinate in one area and defecate in another. The litterboxes should not be grouped together, but should be placed in different parts of the home, preferably on different floors. For people without a lot of extra room in their house, a corner litterbox is a space efficient way to fit in that extra box. You will find that this formula will eliminate many behavioral issues.

Secrets of Water!
Did you know that kitty's intincts tell him/her not to drink next to her food? Her genes are telling her that the liquid next to a devoured carcass might be tainted and should be avoided. But we need our kitties to drink plenty of water to stay in good health. So, simply place a cup or bowl of water some distance away from her food. You will be amazed what happens!

Flea Season is Upon Us: Beginning April 1st thru the first frost (usually October) it's time for flea medication for your cat. Frontline Plus is one of the best treatments on the market and recommended by our veterinarians. We suggest purchasing the 6 pack - Frontline Plus 6pk Cats Kittens - because will last you the entire flea season. (5/12/2006)

Money Saving Tip: You can save $$ by purchasing some cat productions online. One resource is PetMed Express. We did some digging and discovered that some years ago they were fined by the FDA for selling products in the US with packaging written in French. However, there was never a fine for the product itself. Since then all labeling is in English. Co. is traded on the Am. Stock Exchange. So we believe they are a reputable company. Prices may have gone up tho, so do comparison shopping! (5/12/2006)
Udate: PetMeds is offering 10% off everything over July 4th holiday season and free shipping on purchases over $39!

How to apply Frontline: Each month, apply one entire ampule to kittys skin between the shoulder blades, save one drop for the top of the head. Most fleas will be dead from being over-excited with 24 hours.

Cats International offers FREE advice via phone on cat behavior, illnesses etc. They have also posted several informative articles. Let us know about your experiences with their service and we'll post it here.
Behavior Hotline:
262-375-8852  (Milwaukee,Wisconsin)
We suggest leaving a message. They will then call you back on their nickle. (5/20/2006)

Donations to Treehouse Animal Foundation :Treehouse Animal Foundation. Thanks to everyone for helping!

The American Veterinary Medical Association suggests that you consult your veterinarian if your pet shows any of the following signs:

  • Abnormal discharges from the nose, eyes or other body openings.
  • Abnormal behavior, such as sudden viciousness or excessive sleepiness.
  • Abnormal lumps, limping or difficulty getting up or lying down.
  • Loss of appetite, marked weight loss or gain or excessive water consumption.
  • Difficult, abnormal or uncontrolled waste elimination.
  • Excessive head shaking, scratching, and licking or biting any part of the body.
  • Dandruff, loss of hair, open sores or a ragged or dull coat.
  • Foul breath or excessive tartar deposits on teeth.

Flushable Cat Litter Made from Corn?!: Just this week, one of our clients informed us that she found a flushable corn-based cat litter. During the week we will see how nanny and kitty "Kehai" like it and we will report our findings. We are all interested in more environmentally friendly cat litter, but did not have the best experience with the" wheat"-based type, as urine tended to sink to the bottom of the pan. Too bad! So, for now we're still recommending the clumping clay variety, unless the corn-based litter shows promise. More next week!
Follow-up report:
The corn-based litter worked purrfectly fine, but doesn't have as great an odor killing agent as the clay in our opinion.


The Mayflower Cat-pact: Cats arrived in the New World with the Mayflower, and quickly established themselves in the America. On the great open plains and farm lands they ridded barns of pesky rodents and soon became essential to American life. A new breed - the American Shorthair - was established. There is even some indication that it was their ancestors that had ridden on board the Mayflower. They were (and still are) hardy, tough, and athletic cats, skilled hunters but they also have a pleasant disposition and beautiful appearance. These cats became typical on the American plains. Originally, the cats stayed outside or in barns, but it wasn’t long before they found themselves inside and members of the family.


The History of Cats
The Black Cat

Spooky stuff ....

19th C. England: "May Cats"

“In Wilts, and also in Devon, it is believed that cats born in the Month of May will catch no mice nor rats, but will, contrary to the wont of other cats, bring in snakes and slow worms. Such cats are called ‘May cats,’ and are held in contempt."

“In Hampshire, to this day, we always kill May cats,”

“…May Cats are unlucky, and will suck the breath of children.”

Poor babies!! Tell your kitties on Halloween how lucky they are to be born in this day and age. We're also thinking Halloween should be re-named "Cat Independence Day" to atone for all their trials and mistreatment throughout the centuries!

The FYI on Who's Eating What Today
Since the recall, most of our clients ( and us!) have switched over to either Wellness or Inova brands of cat food. As much as we loved IAMS ( our kitties coats were always so much improved..), 1) we felt betrayed by how long it took them to inform us of the poison and 2) we actually lost one geriatric kitty on IAMS. We're sorry.. but it's simply unforgivable and we can't go back. Our younger one's on IAMS mangaed to survive, but the older one's like... "Little Buddy" did not. He didn't have a mean bone in his body and was always so happy for company. We're still mourning his sweet little self and encourage everyone to consider alternative brands.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Kitty bumps:
We had recent success eliminating recurring bumps ( possible Kitty Acne) on a cat's face, chin and neck by applying Hydrogen Peroxide twice daily. The bumps were gone in 2 days!

Winter Hairball Woes and Vaseline

As winter approaches, our kitties' lion cuts are growing out and they are becoming big puffs of fur again. We have one extremely longhaired and bushy Himalayan that grooms himself constantly and recently began vomiting up hairballs daily while mom was on extended leave. At first we tried Petromalt, which he absolutely HATED in any form - tubed-jell or treat-shaped. So, our inexpensive subsequent therapy was Vaseline, placed on the paws every-other-day. He licked it off and it has helped him enormously, without much complaint.

Are Two Cats Better Than One?

It's our experience that owning two cats has certain advantages. Single cats can get bored and lonely by themselves. They also have a tendency to get chubby from lack of exercise and playtime with a companion, as well as develop behavioral issues from lack of interaction with their own kind. Here is a link to "How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Cat". We have actual experience with this technique and it worked perfectly! And don't worry! They are just as affectionate with their Parents when they have a kitty friend. And! Two cats are actually "easier" to care for apart from a tad extra litter scooping.. Try it! Your kitty will be SO glad you did!
* See our adoptions to get started.

Woolight Pet Stain Remover
We have to report that one of our Nannys had a fairly large stain on a white carpet to deal with last week. She looked in the clients cupboard and found this product - thoroughly prepared to be scrubbing for a good 20 minutes with several applications. She sprayed it on, and walked away while it soaked in the solution for a bit. But when she came back, the stain had literally started to disappear, and was completely gone within about 10 minutes, without any scrubbing at all! So, this is a product we definitely recommend trying. It's so unusual when a product actually exceeds ones expectations these days!

Why does my cat bite sometimes when I pet her?
(Dedicated to JR :)

This scenario has happened hundreds of thousands of times. You're petting a cat on its head and back and the cat seems to be in ecstasy. It's purring like a little motorcycle, looking absolutely content, when all of a sudden the cat pounces on your hand and takes a bite. It may even throw in a few paw swipes as well.

Usually the biting and/or scratching isn't too hard and it rarely breaks the skin but it still hurts and the recipient feels betrayed. What is going on? What's wrong with the cat? Is it Demonic? Psychotic? Dumb?

None of the above. Petting aggression in cats is absolutely normal. The reasons to petting aggression are not fully understood but research suggests that it has to do with the fact that the cat has mixed emotions about the whole petting phenomenon. Most adult cats that aren't related don't touch each other much except for fighting and sexual episodes. So even though the cat seems content, it may realize that this is not normal and an instinctive predatory response is elicited which results in biting.

Don't take it personally and don't punish or hit the cat. Understand and OBSERVE the cat's warning signs. Keep the petting sessions fairly short and end the session the second the cat exhibits warning signs. The best way to deal with this situation is to be aware of the cat's body language. The cat will always give you signals that it has had enough of of your petting. The key signal to watch for is a twitching tail and a body that starts to tense up. Ears may turn or flicker and the cat's head may also turn toward your hand. This is a classic predatory response and the cat's way of telling you to IMMEDIATELY stop petting and end the session. (6/27/06) © Pets.ca 2006

FREE Behavioral Counseling! from Treehouse Animal Foundation:
Most behavioral consultants charge $72 an hour. So we think this is a good deal.
773. 784.5488, ext. 228, or
email: volunteer@treehouseanimals.org

Low Cost / No Cost - Spay & Neuter:

Low Cost Clinic
Animal Welfare League
Avid Micro Chips for only $30.75 and other general services at reduced rates to the public.

A Hospice for Senior Kittizens
Purrever Ranch

Information about De-Clawing:
We certainly understand how destructive cats can be to very expensive furniture, and we have many clients who have opted to declaw their cats when other alternatives have failed. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to be aware of before making a decision: Often declawed cats will turn to biting to defend themselves or play. This can sometimes be a problematic behavior. Also, declawing does not simply remove the nails. It removes the first knuckle. So it can throw off a cats balance and interfere with walking later in life. Talk to your veterinarian about these issues before making a decision, and experiment with having your cats claws trimmed once a month.

Read the Ingredients,
not the Slogans:
The pet food label contains a wealth of information, if one knows how to read it. Do not be swayed by the many marketing gimmicks or eye-catching claims. "Natural", "Organic" and "Gourmet" are not always what you think they are. Click here to be better prepared when buying your cats food next time you're at the pet store.

Getting Started :
At least, the 1st 3 ingredients should not  include:
* "by-products" and "meal"
* "corn" fillers & other carbs.
* watch out for split ingredients as
  "chicken-by-products, brewers yeast,
   chicken-by-product meal "

Look for: "Chicken", "Chicken liver" etc.at the top of the list, and remember, kitties are natually still carnivores!

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Earth Pets Natural Pet Market

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