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Welcome! Chicago Cat Nannies is comprised of a unique group of individuals who currently work, or have worked in Chicago's local veterinary clinics for many years. We offer the ideal solution to your travel concerns by providing highly qualified in home care for both healthy and recovering cats when you are away.

Over time we have built a comfortable list of satisfied local cat owners who no longer worry about what to do with kitty when planning a vacation or when suddenly called out of town..We offer you freedom to travel, even on short notice, with the knowledge your cat is happy and safe at home under reliable care.

What sets us apart from other pet sitters is our veterinary experience. We have dealt with many different types of feline behaviors on a daily basis, so we understand all their unique personalities and know the warning signs of most health problems that may arise while you're away, which often go unnoticed by friends, neighbors and busy boarding facilities.

Boarding a cat is not ideal
. Many kennel workers double as technicians, and are rarely allowed time to socialize with boarding pets apart from brief feeding and litter changing times. So, the kitties are often left alone without human interaction most of the day and night, feeling scared and forlorn.

Cats always do best at home
where they continue their daily routine in a familiar environment. Unlike dogs and people, cats are not thrilled about new experiences.


The solution is a Cat Nanny
. Cats are much happier and adapt well to a compassionate caregiver who interacts with them for an extended period of time once a day. It's possible, if there are two cats in the house who keep each other company, for the nanny to come every other day - but we do notice they are happier with more frequent visits. With daily visits, cats are more calm and meow less (complain) when the nanny arrives.

To get started, please see our Rates/Reservations page to make arrangements for your kitty today.

Welcome to the Chicago Cat Nannies family. The #1 choice of cat owners in Chicago!

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