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Benefits for your Cat:
  Benefits for You:  
Cat remains safe and secure in his/her own environment
with all the familiar sights, smells, toys, feeding bowls and favorite nap spots.
You are not inconvenienced by having to put kitty in a carrier and transporting him/her in the car to a kennel before your trip.
Cat follows his/her daily customary diet and exercise
routine, and medical treatments.
You do not have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor (who sometimes forgets).  
Cat can have her nails trimmed and ears cleaned
without the trauma of a trip to the groomer or vet.
You will come home to furniture free of cat hair,
and a carefree kitty, as if you never left.

Cat is not exposed to illness or parasites from other
Your home is made more secure while you're away by crime deterrant measures provided by your cat nanny.
Cat is not traumatized by being left unattended in a
small cage in an unfamiliar environment.
You will have peace of mind checking your cats daily activites online, and knowing that while you are away, your cat is in capable and caring hands.

Cat receives love and attention daily while you are away.

You can utilize other professional services provided by your cat nanny and technicians, inclucing: pedicures, ear cleaning, massage, medical treatments, plant care, mail, online daily reports, overnight companionship and household tasks completed.

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