How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( AM VISIT ), Entry for Sept 30, 2006
These guys always leave me a full litterbox in the morning, without

fail.  They certainly keep me busy if nothing else!  Everyone was in a

good mood thismorning, and even Nikki was chatty with me while I did my

chores.  I've organized all the wet food in the cupboard so I'm not

giving them the same thing every time.  It does seem like the tuna

feast has been a hit so I left that out for them.  The three of us spent some

time watching Animal Planet and I brushed them a bit.  Max still has

that acne on his face even though I wiped it down.  Even though today I

didn't get a good look at it before Nikki hissed him off the couch and

settled herself into my lap!  By the time I left everyone was content

and happy.
2006-10-02 14:03:54 GMT