How's My Kitty?
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ELLA, Entry for September 21, 2006
Laurie and I (Nanny/Vet tech. Amy:),  stopped in to see Ella at about 6:30 tonight.  She heard us outside and started meowing even before we opened the door.  She was very excited to have company and wasn't shy at all. In fact, she led me right to the kitchen for dinner!   I took the can that was in the fridge and mixed it with one of the pre-cut quarter pills.  Ella began eating immediately, and ate about half the food before leaving the kitchen.  We then refreshed her litter box, and went back out into the living room.  I picked her up, and she settled on the sofa right between us (actually leaning up against Laurie:) Laurie was so pleased she was so different and affectionate this time!!.  She purred the whole time and was quite cozy and secure while  her two nannies when over all her instructions and particulars.  After a bit I gave her a little brushing (which she liked, because she never stopped purring. Then, she hopped down and went back to the kitchen to finish her dinner.  After some final pets and kisses, we left the hall light on for her so it wouldn't be too dark at night and left for the evening. I look forward to visiting with her little granny self tomorrow. :))She's such a  sweetheart.
2006-09-22 12:53:03 GMT