How's My Kitty?
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MUGATU, Entry for June 3, 2006
Mugatu was right at the door when I arrived today - er well behind it, that is. He was very sociable of course and ran back and forth like mad after his balls. I found about 12 small mice laying here and there and put them in a pile for him. Before I knew it, they had all disappeared again. I shook out the towel in his "bed" and gave him a glass of water next to it. (All the kitties like that). Forgive me but I put his food in the dining room to make it a bit more appetizing :) Also, I put the blue blanket over the leather couch. It fits so purrfectly, I assumed that's where it should be.  All went just smashingly well I'd say today. He seemed pretty content.
2006-06-03 21:57:11 GMT