How's My Kitty?
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HOLLY GOLIGHTLY, Entry for September 4, 2006
Well here's Holly enjoying her lunch.  As soon as I came in she was under the desk again, but! I know the trick now... So I sat down on the couch, turned the TV on and ignored her. Next thing I knew, here she comes, jumping over the wall and into my lap. Ha! She wanted lots of pets and attention - and I gave her a nice brush. Afterward she ate her lunch - then sauntered off back under the desk! So I walked over and gave her the medication which he was very good about.  So we've got our routine down and everythings going just fine like clockwork. She didn't have Any accidents either on the bed like you were worried about. She seemed quite comfortable to me. Hope it lasts till you get home! Take care and have a good flight back! Cheers!
2006-09-05 17:36:15 GMT