How's My Kitty?
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GEORGIA, Entry for August 30, 2006

My apologies for yesterday's truncated news  - we were in the midst of a massive kitty coordination for the upcoming weekend. Everything is going very nicely with Georgia - she's just a little angel - always hiding when I first come in, but she warms up very quickly to me. Today was kind of funny. I went to look for her under the bed as usual but she wasn't there! So being the worry wart I am I start thinking all kinds of wacky things but then I noticed the glass wardrobe door was slightly open.... and ah ha! there she was, quiet as can be, sitting on top of the plastic container under the clothes. She wasn't at all unhappy that I found her:) I think she likes this little game - because she came right out and hopped on her scratch pad happy to have company:)  I gave her lots of treats for being good which she gobbled right up and we examined all her toys:) She's very good natured and  friendly, but still doesn't want me to pet her yet.  I just get to touch her on the paw or head occassionally.  I always stay at least an hour with her -just keeping her company with the TV on etc. after we play for awhile, because of the previous seizures - just want to make sure she's comfortable and stress free. Well - that's the news for today! She's doing just fine.

2006-08-31 03:52:49 GMT