How's My Kitty?
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GEORGIA,Entry for August 28, 2006
( I'll get some pictures of Georgia today!) Georgia was sleeping in the bedroom when I came in, but soon walked out into the hallway and sat and looked at me. It didn't take her long to walk over and say hello and get a couple pets:) I gave her breakfast which she took a couple bites of and then I got her scratch pad and toy box and brought those out into the middle of the floor. She hopped on that right away. Then I brought out the toys and we looked those over one at a time, which she really enjoyed. The one she took to the most was the little ball - which she batted around a bit. I stayed for quite awhile and watched a bit of the US open while she sat and kept an eye on me:) So I think in the end she felt very comfortable. So all's well here! Hope you're having a fabulous trip!
2006-08-29 13:46:03 GMT
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Sounds like you're taking great care of her. And I love these daily updates. Please give her lots of hugs and treats for me.
2006-08-29 16:36:09 GMT
She's a really a good cat:) Got some cute picures on Tues.:)Thanks for the comment!
2006-08-30 09:55:35 GMT