How's My Kitty?
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ISIS & NAMI, Entry for August 21, 2006
Isis and Nami were their regular sweet selves today and came running down the stairs when I arrived. Gave them both some treats right away and they stretched out as usual for pets.  I brought you a little African Violet and set it on the counter for a second and Nami walked right up and started pulling the flowers off!  But I took them out of her mouth fairly easily. She is certainly mischevious as you said! Gotta keep and eye on that one:) I gave her the football to munch on instead. But they are both really great cats and loved to follow me everywhere - up and down the stairs. It's been a pleasure taking care of them - even through the wacky Pedicure episode.  Have a safe flight back! Cheers!
2006-08-22 03:10:06 GMT