How's My Kitty?
Welcome travelling parents! Check here daily to see what your little ones are up to!
SADIE, Entry for August 20, 2006
Sadie is hanging in there just fine.  She was still sticking under the bed but inched closer to me and rolled on her back to play, dug her nails into the carpet excitedly and tried to grab the little mice I dangled for her. I crept the little mice around, up and on top of the amplifier and she thought that was just facinating and stared at them ready to pounce. She had eated mostly dry food - the wet was still there uneaten, with some troublesome little knats buzzing about. So, I'd try to get rid of those characters when you get back in a couple days. She had drunk just about ALL her water. There was just a tad left in the green bowl and the one in her food dish as well. So filled those up with fresh including the one downstairs.  It almost seemed like she wanted to come out from under the bed today, because she got really close to me.  Enjoy your last couple of days!
2006-08-21 04:40:30 GMT