How's My Kitty?
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GUS & IZZY (EVENING VISIT), Entry for August 6, 2006

It was SO funny to find the little mouse in front of the door when I arrived:) Was that a kind of "breadcrumb" to help me find my way?:) Both the babies were thrilled for company when I came in. They were all over me. What a joy kittens are.  When I was cleaning the litter box, I set the top aside for a minute and the two of them had such fun playing inside it. So I just left it out for them for the night. I also moved their other round carpeted house next to it and they had a ball going from one to the other. When I left, they were happily  munching on their kibble - So no worries here! Hope all's well with you too!

2006-08-07 15:05:58 GMT