How's My Kitty?
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BAILEY & RUFUS, Entry for August 4, 2006

Neither Bailey or Rufus were anywhere to be found right away. I checked around and determined they were probably in the box springs - tho I couldn't see them. So I shook the treats box and prepared their dinner and Finally they showed up:) Bailey was very sociable but Rufus kept his distance. I tossed a few treats to him, but he waited till I was out of sight to eat them. Checked the fish ( temp holding at 74) and the big one was watching me and swimming up and down - so I HAD to give him just a tiny pinch of food:) Watered all the plants - and the kitties didn't try to dash out, so that was good.  So we're all doing just great. Cheers!

2006-08-05 06:48:46 GMT