How's My Kitty?
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SAVOU ( 1994-2006), Entry for July 28, 2006

Onyx & Savou's dad call to let us know that Savou died yesterday. She had been suffering from  effects of liver disease for a long time. She was such a sweet kitty and we'll miss her too. Mom and dad wrote this lovely memorial for her.


1994 -2006

She didn't care for birds.

Of the outdoors she was wary,

Prefering indoor comforts

And a schedule that didn't vary.

Her coat black & carmel

Streaked with dark brown,

Her face was a patchwork

Like a harlequin clown.

In front of a heat vent

On tummies & laps,

Just a few of the places

She liked to take naps.

It may sound a bit odd

But she'd raise up her shanks,

If while at her food bowl

You gave her some spanks.

So nice and so sweet,

Yet how could she be,

At the same time

So coy and persnickidy?

We'll never forget

That rolly polly little kitty,

Who Lorrie named Savou

But Doug called Kiggy.

2006-07-28 20:34:57 GMT