How's My Kitty?
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SNICKERS & SKITTLES, Entry for July 23, 2006
When I opened the door this morning, the sisters were lounging on their cat tree in the hallway.  I'm sure they expected to see you guys because they just stared at me wide-eyed!  But I think they remembered me because they warmed up right away.  I brought over a bright purple shoelace and both girls had a great time chasing it around.  I will definitely bring it back because they were entertained for quite awhile.  I was just about to leave when Snickers jumped in my lap and got cozy and comfortable -I just couldn't leave after that!  So the three of us watched a bit of Animal Planet for awhile and Snickers got a small nap in.  Take care!
2006-07-23 22:07:38 GMT