How's My Kitty?
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EMMY, Entry for July 20, 2006
Emmy was especially sweet today. She was meowing at the door when she heard me trying to open the door - which was no small feat, as the lock was twisted. Yesterday I was very careful to make sure it didn't rotate, but I'm pretty sure your friends visited today because it was out of alignment again.   But with a bit of persistance, I eventually got in. Also, there was no poop in Emmy's box again today, so I think they may have cleaned it. Do let me know  if your friends were there - as I am a bit concerned not seeing poop for two entire days. thanks! Other than that, she was in great spirits and very playfull. Gave her lots of brushes and dangled toys over her head which she enjoyed catching. She also got some Sea Cucumber treats! the apt. is staying nice and cool too. Cheers!
2006-07-21 06:05:30 GMT