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SNOWFLAKE & SPRINKLES, Entry for May 28, 2009
Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing well today.  They met me at the door and when they saw me they immediately assumed their roles in our usual routine.  Sprinkles complained all the way to the kitchen and until her food dish was placed in front of her, while Snowflake hung out by the back of the sofa waiting to sprint to the bedroom door as soon as I appeared with her dish in hand.  She accepted her usual scratchies between the ears and at the back of the neck as I set her food dish on the floor.  Sprinkles half finished her food and headed for my lap for her scratchies.  She rolled  and twisted around so that I could evenly distribute her massage:) After she had enough, she went back to her dish for another nibble and to kill some time while her sister worked on her dish behind the bedroom door. As soon as I figured that Snowflake had enough time to finish her food and moved toward the door, Sprinkles appeared behind me to check if her sister had finished.  Upon exit from the bedroom, Snowflake assumed her position and waited for her laser play while Sprinkles hopped up on the sofa to chill and get some more scratchies.  After some laser play, more scratchies and some treats it was time to go. So all's well here and a good time was definitely had by all:)
2009-05-29 16:28:37 GMT