How's My Kitty?
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MOLS, Entry for May 26-28, 2009

May 26- Mols was doing well today. I was so happy when I arrived and opened the door to find Mol's cute little face staring up at me.  I quickly made her food and showed her the dish before I set it on her table.  I got my cat dancer and moved into the living room and sat on the sofa.  She followed me into the living room and played with the cat dancer.  She rubbed against my leg several times and received some scrarchies between the ears for her affection.  At one point, Mols hopped up on the sofa, laid down and proceeded to groom herself next to me.  This is the closest she has gotten so far and seems to be dropping her guard a bit.  I am looking forward to seeing what her next moves will be.

May 27 - Mols was standing at the end of the entry hall when I arrived today.  She meowed at me as I quickly prepared her food and let her have a sniff.  I placed her bowl on her table and moved into the living room with my cat dancer in hand.  She followed me into the living room for some interaction and playtime.  She is getting the hang of how to play with that toy finally.  She walked around me rubbing against my legs and pawed at the toy for a bit.  Mols then did something that she hasn't done before.  She walked over to her table and ate her food while I was still in the apt.  Up till now she has waited until I left.  I think that's another good sign she's feeling more secure. After she had enough lunch - she rejoined me in the living room.  Mols spent some time nearby grooming, played some more with the cat dancer and then settled down on the back of the sofa.  She stayed with me in the living room until I had to do my chores.  Mols followed me to the litter pan and watched me scoop the litter and then  took up a defensive position in front of the bedroom door.  When she is out from under her covers on the bed, she is very picky about who is allowed in her bedroom:)

May 28- Mols was in the hall when I arrived and came to watch me prepare her food.  She followed me into the living room and walked around and around rubbing against my legs happily.  I got some nice brushing in with her brush/rake.  She pushed her little face into the rake as she circled my legs and purred.  She played some with the cat dancer as well before going to the kitchen and hopping up on her table for some food.  When she returned to the living room, she spent some time grooming herself after which she hopped up on the sofa, tucked her paws under and was content to hang with me and watch some TV.  Later she escorted me to the litter pan and assumed her position as guard in front of the bedroom door just in case I got any bright ideas to invade her space:)  I returned to the kitchen to do a bit of washing up, packed up and returned to Mols to say goodbye with a promise to return tomorrow.  Mols, who was still lounging in the bedroom door, paws tucked under,  her gave me a little meow in response:)

2009-05-29 16:25:57 GMT