How's My Kitty?
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MOLS, Entry for May 24, 2009
What a difference a day makes!   Mols met me at the door and when she saw me- started to stroll in the direction of the bedroom.  But! I quickly grabbed her clean food bowl from the kitchen and tapped on the side to get her attention.  Again in my most soothing tones I called her name and asked if she was hungry.  Well... surprisingly, she turned right around and walked toward the kitchen instead of the bed covers! So, I quickly popped the lid on the food can, emptied it into her bowl and held it under her nose.  I guess she was impressed that I knew how to open a cat food can and allowed me to give her some scratchies under the chin.  I put her food on her table and walked into the living room with a couple of toys. Then, she followed me into the living room and settled down by the large plant by the TV.  Mols stretched her right front leg out, rested her chin on it, tucked her left paw under and settled in to keep an eye on me for a while.  She was unimpressed with the laser pointer, however she found the cat dancer somewhat intriguing.  She wasn't sure how to pay with it, but she seemed to enjoy having it gently touch the top of her head and the back of her neck.  We played peek a boo under the coffee table and she allowed me to give her a few swipes of her rake type brush and let me give her some more scratchies under the chin and on top of her head.  She stayed with me in the living room until it was time for me to refresh the litter box in the bath.  She assumed a defensive stance, guarding the entrance to the bedroom as I did so and had disappeared within when I came out.  But she was such a good and brave little girl today!   I expect that the ice has been broken and she will be more relaxed as our visits progress.
2009-05-25 19:53:48 GMT