How's My Kitty?
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Jessica, Entry for May 23, 2009
AM - PM-Jessica is doing just fine and is so good taking her medicine. It must not taste too bad. When I arrived she was waiting on a chair in the diningroom and hopped right down to greet me. So I got down and gave her lots of pets and attention for being so sweet. Then it was time for breakfast. She had finished just about all the wet and dry food since you left and her water was low, so I took care of that right away which she was glad about and started munching happily away. While she was eating I got out the medications from the fridge and located the syringes. They were a bit sticky, so I washed the bottles and let the three syringes soak a bit in a cup of water to clean them off. Then, when Jessica decided to take a food break I popped the meds in her little mouth which as mentioned she didn't mind a bit. After that we looked around for her brush because I noticed a couple small matts but could not find it in it's usual spot on the coffee table. So I will bring one of my own tomorrow. After that, it was snuggle time and Jess curled up in my lap for the longest time and we watched America's Next Top Model for some makeup tips:) So all's well here!:)

PM - I arrived back around 6pm and Jess was waiting on the same chair as in the morning - hopping down right away to say hello. She had finished most of her breakfast and was happy for dinner. While she was eating I went about the usual chores, then gave her her medicine. Then, a little snuggle time and it was night night and "See you tomorrow!" Oh yes, thank you for the note. And yes, I do always talk to her alot. Who else can I talk to? lol. And she chats back quite a bit:) Cheers!
2009-05-24 11:39:44 GMT