How's My Kitty?
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Deekers for Saturday, May 9

We had a great visit this morning.  Deekers ate half of her wet food and later she ate about half of her dry food during our visit, saving some for later as usual. She played some with the laser and the cat dancer and rolled around in my lap for her gentle brushing and scratchie session.  As long as I gave her an occasional greenie she stayed for more. I stayed with her this morning until the workman arrived and then after the workman had settled in, I gave her some dry food and made my exit.

Deekers for Sunday, May 10 AM

Deekers was anxious for her breakfast and eager to join me in the living room for some play and lots of snuggling.  I think that she appreciated having a quiet morning of uninterrupted companionship.  She draped herself over my chest and stomach relaxed and purring with her face in my face for her brushing for a while.  After her dry food, we had some play and more snuggling before I had to go.

Deekers for Sunday May 10, 2009 PM

Deekers met me in the hall and escorted me to the kitchen.  She hopped up on the counter and waited for me to wash her dish.  When I opened the pouch she had to taste test her meal as it empted into her dish.  I sat her dish on the mat and gently put her down to continue licking her morsels dry.  I grabbed my brush, cat dancer, laser and the treats and got situated on the sofa to wait for Deekers to join me.  We had another great visit.  She played with the cat dancer and laser for a while and laid on my stomach and chest for long periods of soft gentle brushing and purring.  I found The Sound of Music on the TV and at one point was rocking her gently from side to side brushing her while serenading her with my rendition of These are a few of my favorite things.  I think she liked the part about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens the best.
2009-05-24 11:09:48 GMT