How's My Kitty?
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Snowflake & Sprinkles, Saturday & Sunday
Sat- Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing well today. They must have been camping out at the door on the entry rug, because when I tried to sneak in to surprise them they were already peeking out the crack in the door as it was opening.  Sprinkles got some scratchies at the door and Snowflake received some in the kitchen and when I picked up her dish in the hall.  The both ate well and Sprinkles spent her waiting time on my lap until I announced that I was letting her sister out of the bedroom.  She raced into the bedroom to check out Snowflakes empty dish.  After her fixation on her sisters dish was over she went out to the kitchen to finish her own food.  Snowflake settled in front of the curtain and we started our laser play.  Sprinkles emerged from the kitchen, cleaned herself up a bit and settled on the sofa for a while. Yes, we are deep into our usual routine.  After some TV, laser play , scratchies and some treats it was time to call it a visit. I snuck out once again while they were working on their treats so as not to see their sad little faces.

Sun- The girls were doing well today.  After some scratchies, my escort to the kitchen and their feeding we settled down in the living room for the next phase of our visit.  Sprinkles spent a long time on my lap getting her scratchies.  She left once to munch some more food out of her dish and came right back for more.  After lots more scratchies and some whining on her part, she decided her sister must be finished with her food and left to position herself next to the bedroom door.  Sure enough, Snowflake was done and she raced out of the bedroom as Sprinkles went in to check out her dish.  Snowflake had finished and Sprinkles had to whine about that as I picked up the dish to wash and place it in the sink.  I did my chores and by the time I returned, Snowflake had positioned herself in front of her curtain and was giving me her, sit down Stephen and pick up the laser look.  She had a good play session, running back and fourth and into the closet after the red dot.  Sprinkles returned to the sofa for some scratchies.  I ended the visit with the usual treats, told them their Mom would be home soon and I would be back in a few days to play some more.

2009-05-24 11:04:30 GMT