How's My Kitty?
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THE KENNEDY GANG:) Entry for April 27, 2009
So glad to hear you're having a great time! I was thinking of you when it started raining again:) Sheesh. The kitties have been all so cute. Especially Wilhemina who is always on a relentless mission to steal Cicero's food. She never ceases to make me laugh. In the past she hasn't been quite as active as the others, but this time she is super sociable and wants lots of attention. Cicero greets me at the door daily and I have lots of luck getting him to eat a fair amount. Everytime he takes a few bites and walks away, I just follow him with the dish and set it down in front of him. Then he starts eating again! I'd do this about 4 times until he's finally caught on to me. hehe. Winston is always under the blankets until it's time for brushing and his shot, which he's so good and patient about, He come out purring -- and Sebastian is just his usual sweet self as always.

Also! One of them did have an accident on the bed on (2) of the towels and a bit of the comforter. I soaked all the soiled parts in Spray & Wash and put the towels on the clothes hamper to be washed. The comforter may come clean today with a little more soap and water. I couldn't quite get it all the way clean yesterday, but having soaked up the Spray n Wash the rest should hopefully lift off.  Cheers! lh
2009-05-01 17:59:44 GMT