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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for April 10, 2009
Batman and Wismo for Saturday April 11, 2009 AM/PM

Batman and wismo were happy to see me as usual.  Wismo plopped down on the floor in the entry hall when I arrived and gave me her belly for some scratchies as usual.  She repeated the same as soon as we got over to the ottoman.  We had our usual furious cat dancer play.  They ate well this morning and when frustrated Batman continued to pop in and out of the room divider for his share of the play.  I switched to mostly laser play during the evening visit and this is Batman's forte.  He tore around the living room and into the bedroom sometimes pushing Wismo out of his way.  Batman played peek-a-boo in the tub during a rest period.  We had our usual great time and they always seem sad to see me go.
2009-05-01 17:43:28 GMT