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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for April 10, 2009
Batman and Wismo for Friday April 10, 2009 AM

Batman and Wismo have settled into our usual routine.  After munching out some when I put their food down in the morning they regroup by the sofa for the emergence from the bag of the cat dancer.  I always have to keep a close eye on the bag or Wismo will dig it out herself and carry it to the ottoman. Wismo and I had a fast and furious cat dancer play session. She is so focused on the cat dancer that I have to monitor her play and give her frequent breaks so that she can catch her breath.  When its time I usually just drop the cat dancer on the floor so she can lie on it, chew on it or drag it around the floor on her own.  This morning I just abruptly stopped play with her because Batman had positioned himself on the book case divider and was waiting for his turn.  Batman got a little brushing as well as Wismo this morning before I had to leave.


Batman and Wismo for Friday April 10, 2009 PM

Batman and Wismo greeted me at the door which is their usual routine and escorted me to the sofa.  Wismo rolled around a bit on the ottoman knocking magazines off and getting her scratchies which is also her routine.  We had some cat dancer play to start followed by some play with the laser.  The laser is more effective in the evenings because the light is not as intense and the red dot is brighter and easier to follow.  We had frequent breaks during which I did my chores.  Batman lounged on the back of the sofa at the back of my head for a while.  He disappeared a couple of times and I saw his little black ears just peeking up above the top of the tub.  He has done this before and I think that he expects me to come looking for him and is his way of getting some attention.  Also when he is into his play he will tear up into the bedroom closet and emerge standing on the top edge of the closet door.  When he is board, he will make his way to the top of the kitchen cabinets to get my attention.  Ala and all we had a good PM visit with no grandstanding from Batman.
2009-05-01 17:41:45 GMT