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BATMAN & WISMO, Entry for April 9, 2009
Batman and Wismo for Thursday April 9, 2009 AM

Baman and Wismo seemed happy to see me this morning.  I washed their bowl right away and gave them some of their canned food.  They both had a munch and came over by the sofa to see what was next on our agenda.  When I got the cat dancer out of my bag, Wismo got very excited.  She was on and off the ottoman and jumping in the air and knocking Batman aside.  Batman gets frustrated when Wismo hogs the toy and storms off into the bedroom to sulk on the bed.  I laid across the bed and gave him some brushing under the close supervision of Wismo.  I switched to the laser and Batman was able to compete with Wismo a little better for the red dot.  I distracted Wismo with the cat dancer while I directed the laser dot to Batman with the other hand.  When I left, I left the gift of a cue tip in the tub, so they could knock around in there in my absence.


Batman and Wismo for Thursday April 9, 2009 PM

Batman and Wismo were ready to go again when I arrived.  Wismo was willing to get the cat dancer out of my bag for me but I removed her head and told her that it was my job to dig for it.  She watched intently as I unwound it and was off and running as soon as I straightened the wire out.  Batman became frustrated and retreated to the third shelf of the bookcase out of Wismo's reach to get some play in with the cat cancer.  At one point Batman laid in back of my head and watched a little TV while Wismo continued to fixate on the cat dancer.  We had another great play session with both toys punctuated with time outs for Wismo to chill a bit.
2009-05-01 17:39:37 GMT