How's My Kitty?
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DEEKERS, Entry for Mar. 22-28, 2009
It was so good to see my friend Deekers again.  I hope your trip went well.  We were all so busy this week and the storm that came in toward the end of the week didn't help things either.  I so much enjoyed my visits with your little girl.  I spent two hours with her on the visits when I was out in my car.  If the meters would have taken more quarters, I would have stayed longer.  The many times I took the bus I had no time constraints.  I always fed her when I arrived and she continued to supervise the preparation of her food. She would nibble some, we would visit and she would go back to her dish for a nibble a few more times before I added the hand full of dry food. She spent a lot of time lying on my chest getting lots of scratchies and brushing.  She would purr loudly and push her chin into and across my chin.  She sometimes laid agansed the back of my neck on the sofa for a while.  We played a lot with my cat dancer and with the laser in between snuggles and sometimes fell asleep together in the middle of a snuggle.  She is such a joy and one of the most loving cats that I have ever come across.
2009-05-01 17:25:52 GMT