How's My Kitty?
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WARICK & CACTUS, Entry for March 6, 2009

Hi guys! All's well with the boys. They are eating, drinking well and remain sweet and sociable. Cactus is particularly lovey-dove and likes me to carry him around wherever I go. He also let's me follow him around with his plate for 15 minutes until I finally get fed up and put him where I know he really wants to eat - on the diningroom table. Then he finally does eat. I'm going to put down a placemat for him and a vase of flowers:) What a spoiled kitty. He's also taken a liking to the new soaps in the guest bath. He jumps up, pushes them around ad rubs his head up against them. Haha... guess he like to smell nice too:) Sheesh. Thierry's kitty for sure! lol

2009-03-08 16:09:39 GMT