How's My Kitty?
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Jerry, Diablo & Mr. Chu, Entry for March 5, 2009
Hi guys. I just realized you'd signed up for blogs! Sorry about that. All's been well with the kitties. Mr. Chu is my regular greeter and the one most interested in eating right away. I'm sure he'd eat everyone elses meal too if I let him. Jerry soon appears as well and wants his pets and plate asap. Little Diablo is now in the habit of waiting for me to bring his plate upstairs to him. He's a bit of a nut because he'll occassionally give me a little hiss as I approach, then go "Oops!" when he sees I have a plate of tasty food. And he eats right up as soon as I set it down. I've been trying to get them to exercise a bit, but I have to say - they are kind of lazy:)) The three of them like to head upstairs after eating and lounge around - occassionally putting out a paw to catch the leopard wand. Mr. Chu is the most active - but still, he's NOT about to run around. lol. What can ya do? Cheers! Hope you're enjoying Mexico!!! - so Good news is that it has warmed up here thank Goodness!! Cheers and more tomorrow
2009-03-06 16:34:10 GMT