How's My Kitty?
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Warick & Cactus, Entry for March 5, 2009
Hi there! Well, the babies are just fine and were right at the door to say hello (and try to run out :) But I know how to outwit them. They both insisted on lots of pets and love right away and when they'd had enough, they headed straight for the kitchen. Thanks for the chocolates! Yum! I admit I had to feed myself a couple of bites before the kitties. lol. When I opened the cupboard door to get a can out, Warick jumped right up and went inside - and sat there watching my preparations. He really made me laugh. He would have just stayed there forever tho, so I eventually had to pull him out and shut the door. He prefered to eat his dinner on the kitchen counter and I followed Cactus all around with her bowl until she finally decided to eat on the diningroom table.... oh well. I'll clean it off everday. Then while they were eating I took a look at the new bathrooms. Wow! Both are absolutely gorgeous. I love the slate (?) walls and sparkly sink and bath. Just stunning and one of the best I've seen. Well - hope your jet lag isn't too bad! Take care and more tomorrow!
2009-03-06 16:27:40 GMT