How's My Kitty?
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Batman & Wismo, Entry for Feb. 28-Mar 1, 2009

AM- Well another great visit was had by all this morning.  Batman and Wismo were at the door to greet me.  Someone had created a white Christmas on the bathroom rug with part of the toilette paper.  I removed the torn bits to the useable part of the roll and placed it on top of the towel bar.  Wismo spent most of her time lounging on or digging in my plastic bag or playing with the cat dancer.  At one point when Wismo was distracted, Batman jumped up on the Raggedy Ann/Raggedy Andy pillow next to me for some brushing.  When Wismo discovered this, she raced back to the sofa and attempted to hop up on the pillow.  I gently blocked her plan until Batman had had enough brushing and jumped down to the floor.  Batman ran off and had a big drink of water from the bathroom sink to celebrate.  Eventually Batman retired to the bedroom and I did the litter and prepared to leave.  I am looking forward to seeing my little friends again later on.

PM - Batman and Wismo were happy to see me tonight.  Wismo plopped down in the entry way for her usual scratchies and walked me to the living room with anticipation for more.  The three of us had a good play session with the cat dancer. Wismo took her position on the ottoman and Batman assumed a safe play position in the book case in between the albums.  Batman knocked around in the tub for a while with his cue tip, which he has done on occasion.  Wismo on the other hand, fearing that she would miss something, stayed right with me.  I told them that this would be our last visit together this time and that Laurie would be back to play with them tomorrow.  I told them that I had a great time, that I hoped to see them again soon  and gave them both a big hug on my way out.

SUNDAY, AM/PM - All continues to be well with the kitties am & pm both were swarming at the door to greet me. Fortunately they never try to dart outside, they just want as many pets and hugs as possible. FYI, I've had the windows shut because of the rain and snow and overall cold and it hasn't been too hot for them. The bedroom window is still open tho. Anyway, Wismo jumped up on the Ottoman right away for immediate pets while Batman waited patiently on the floor. I always make sure he gets his share. They hadn't quite finished all their food from the AM, but I set down fresh anyway. And playtime and brushing was had by all:)

2009-03-02 16:56:13 GMT