How's My Kitty?
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Batman & Wismo, Entry for February 27, 2009
AM-Batman and Wismo were doing well this morning.  They were ready for their food and nibbled on and off throughout the visit on their breaks.  I reintroduced the cat dancer toy and of course Wismo just went crazy and monopolized it but Batman did get some swats in here and there.  Wismo puts her all into playtime, and will wear herself out. So, I  give her frequent breaks to catch her breath.  I finally tossed the cat dancer on the floor as a distraction for Wismo so that I could get a bit of laser play in with Batman.  Batman occasionally ran into the bathroom to lay in the tub.  From the door I could just see the tips of his ears and we would play peek-a-boo.  They both seem to be such happy campers, but I'm sure they are missing you.

PM-We had another great visit this evening.  I carry all of my toys & accessories in a plastic bag that I set beside me on the sofa and Wismo likes to lounge on the bag and stick her head in to check things out and see what she can play with.  She seems to be guarding me and whenever she is exploring elsewhere - I call out Batman to give him a little attention - But then Wismo races right back to my side.  I caught Batman taking a break and having a big drink of water from the bathroom sink when I passed by to do the litter.  I wondered where he had gone as he was not around when I headed for the hall.  Sometimes he chills for a few minutes in the bedroom or the tub when he gets a little frustrated with Wismo.  monopolizing my time.  When she wasn't lounging on my bag, she was rolling around on the ottoman in front of me to get her scratchies.  She is a high maintenance little girl, but well worth it and Batman is a sensitive little boy and worth the extra effort to make him feel special.
2009-02-28 14:48:48 GMT