How's My Kitty?
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Buddi, Entry for February 26, 2009
Hi there! When I arrived today the housekeepers were busy at work and Buddi was hiding in her usual spot in the rear walk-in closet. She's definitely overwhelmed by all the activity and perhaps the size of the new place. But wow! It's really stunning! However, the first thing I noticed today is that she hadn't touched her food from yesterday unfortunately. So -  I decided to move her bowls into the back bathroom near the litter box. I think there was just too much activity between the workers and the housekeepers for her to feel safe coming all the way out to the kitchen. Also, there were a couple of instances of spit up in the hallways. Nothing major, but it could be a sign of nerves or possibly a hairball. I have not seen any accidents outside the box which is good. When the housekeeper came into the back room and wanted to vacuum the closet, I picked Buddi up and we took a walk around the house to get away from the loud noises. She liked that. She's really very sweet and cuddled right in my arms as her "protector" - and we had a nice long chat about those bad housekeepers with their terrible machines:) Anyway - one thought I have for her is that you might want to sequester her in just the back bedroom, closet and bath area for awhile. Apart from the workers noise etc., the sheer size of the new place might be a bit daunting as well. Once I shut the bedroom door, she seemed to feel safer and walked around sniffing here and there. Just a thought. Ciao and talk to you soon!
2009-02-27 17:27:22 GMT