How's My Kitty?
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Snowflake & Sprinkles Entry for December 29, 2008
The girls were doing well today!  They both continue to eat every little bit of their food and Sprinkles always continues to cry for more.  I have only been putting 2/3 of her food in her dish, so that when she starts complaining for more I can put the last 1/3 of her food in her empty dish and she stops complaining, munches a little more and comes over for her personal lap time.  Snowflake continues to enjoy her laser play very much and for being such good girls they both get a few treats at the end of the visit.  They seem to like the fish shaped ones better than the bigger red square ones, although they do better with the red ones if I pinch them in half to make them a little smaller to deal with. Cheers!
2008-12-31 14:39:37 GMT