How's My Kitty?
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Jack & Addy Entry for December 28, 2008
Addy was in the hallway when I arrived, and Jack was on the couch.  The kitties ate all of their food, so I fed them right away.  Jack went straight to eating, but Addy held back still apprehensive around me.  Jack took advantage of Addy's uncertainty by starting to eat her food.  I put her food up on the shelf until I left so Jack would not go after it.  Jack hopped up on the towel on the stove and was very affectionate.  I sat on the floor for  awhile trying to talk to Addy, but she wanted her distance.  Jack and I sat on the couch and Addy watched, and we had a great rest of the visit. Cheers!
2008-12-29 17:53:22 GMT