How's My Kitty?
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Seghesio,Genny,Pinhead & Meatball Entry for December 28, 2008
I had another great visit with everybody!  As soon as I arrived I saw that Meatball's eye was a bit watery. A few dabs with tissue got a little moisture from his eye. Seghesio, Pinhead and Meatball all enjoyed there small portion of wet food. I gave Genny fresh food and put down a couple greenies next to her bowl. I still haven't had the luck of seeing Genny yet, but she is eating well and using her litter box. Seghesio likes hanging out under the chair in the hallway, but whenever I passed by she would come out and enjoy some massage time. Pinhead and Meatball liked getting pets, but were very active as usual. They ran around a lot and enjoyed the box of toys. I put down some catnip as well and watched Meatball and Pinhead rub around in it. They are always a joy to visit and I hope to see them again before too long!
2008-12-29 17:52:45 GMT