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Jack & Addy Entry for December 27, 2008
When I arrived, Jack was curled up with his blanket on the couch and Addy was under blankets on the bed.  I put out some of the puffy fish subtitute treats and Jack came over to eat.  I sat on the floor and pet him for awhile.  Addy came out on top of the bed and i said hi and pet her.  When I went back in the other room to play with Jack, Addy came out to the living room.  She started to growl when I was playing with Jack, so I went over to pay attention to her.  She did not want any more attention and kept using a low growl.  I see a lot of different cats during the day and she might have not liked the smell.  I'm sure she will be more comfortable tomorrow. Cheers!
2008-12-28 06:02:28 GMT
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Nah, Addy just doesn't like anyone paying attention to Jack! She may growl, but if you pick her up, plop her on your lap and maybe cover her up she'll purr her head off!
--Addy's mom
2008-12-29 00:55:13 GMT