How's My Kitty?
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Seghisio,Meatball,Pinhead and Genny entry for December 27, 2008
Pinhead and Meatball greeted me at the door and Seghisio came out soon after. All three of them enjoyed their portion of wet food at the beginning of the visit. While they were eating I went up to get everything in order for Genny. She is eating well and I have been leaving a few greenies in her kennel. When I was finished cleaning up Genny's area and about to go downstairs, I noticed that the lock to the upstairs had been opened somehow. I quickly called Laurie and she said that i had happened to her in the past. Everything seemed to be in place on the top floor. I didn't close the door back up, just incase Genny was up there. Meatball and Pinhead really liked playing with the mice, bouncy balls, and the string toy. Pinhead is extremely fast (I put his picture on my phone wallpaper). Meatball got some massage time, but Seghisio liked them the most. She isn't into the toys, but loves getting pets. Meatball and Pinhead enjoyed a couple treats and greenies. Seghisio let them eat hers. It has been a real joy to visit the cats and I hope Genny introduces herself to me soon. Cheers!
2008-12-28 06:00:27 GMT