How's My Kitty?
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Schumelie Entry for December 27, 2008
Good afternoon!! Today Schumelie was a little on the mellow side when greeting me at the front door. Half way down the hall he ran off meowing at his bowl. When I arrived in the kitchen to disarm the alarm I saw that the floor lamp had tipped over onto the chair. The top of the lamp was broken into a million pieces. Also the place mats were on the floor and Schumelies bed was off the radiator. I think he may of been chasing something in the window outside.... a bird maybe.... and jumped off the sill or radiator onto the chair and the chair bumped the lamp. I don't want to blame him but it looks like he was scurrying around up there. I'm so sorry. I swept up the pieces and put it in a brown Trader Joe bag by the wall behind his food bowls just in case you wanted to see it, piece it together or for any other reason. Other than that I completely changed out the litter box..It has been a pleasure meeting Schumelie, he is a unique kitty.
2008-12-28 05:57:32 GMT