How's My Kitty?
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Sophie & Tucker!, Entry for December 25-26, 2008
Well - whew, what can I say? These babies are a handful! Mealtime at first seemed just impossible. But! I quickly outwitted them. The problem was - when I washed their bowls and got ready to serve up the food they were all over me like a swarm of bees. They would both jump up onto the counter and start chowing down before I could get out the proportions and mix their packets of medicine in. SO - at first I was an absolute wreck - trying to figure out what to do. But THEN I noticed the blessed little shelf above the sink where they couldn't possible get to!  So I put their plates there- which gave me the luxury of mixing food and medicine at my leisure one at a time - MUCH to their chagrin let me say... with LOTS of complaining and "hurry ups!" from the grandstand. I'm learning alot more about Siamese than I thought I knew.  They are really TOO smart. - like little Raptors. You really have to THINK to go round them and BOY did they make themselves known when they couldn't figure out how to get to those plates! haha. ( I'm quite proud of myself that I came up with a solution:) Anyway - when I finally set down their bowls-  they go right to them, but really don't eat much more than 1/4 before they are ready for playtime AGAIN. Their favorite toy is the wand with the simple curved wire thingy. But they like the chirping bird thing to alot. Basically, they are very easy to please - EXCEPT when it comes to dinner time. Sheesh! Also, I figured out how to tell them apart MUCH easier than their physical description. Tuck-Tuck likes to be held in my arms -  and I can walk all around with him and snuggle as long as I want, but Sophie is WAY to busy for that. So when it come to Desitin time, I pick both of them up and whoever jumps away gets the treatment:) lol :))))  Seriously tho, The Desitin is really helping her - this morning, the 26th, she seemed a little itchy - but after I put the meds on, she forgot all about it. TAKE CARE & have a safe trip back tomorrow!
2008-12-27 07:09:03 GMT