How's My Kitty?
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Snowflake & Sprinkles, Entry for December 21-24, 2008

21- My usual greeting party was at the door when I arrived to escort me to the kitchen.  Snowflake ate all of her food in her private dining room/bed room again today while Sprinkles wolfed down hers and then guarded the bed room door in anticipation of racing in to snatch a leftover morsel.  We had our usual play session with a little TV after.  Sprinkles spent some time on my lap for some scratchies, snuggling and consoling regarding the fact that she got no leftovers from Sprinkles.  I am continuing to fill the humidifier daily with the measuring cup but have not as yet seen a red line. Perhaps I am not putting enough to have the red line appear, but it has been enough to last until my next visit

22-Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing well today.  Snowflake was a good girl and ate all of her food.  Of course, Sprinkles of course always eats all of her food.  Sprinkles spent some time on my lap today purring and complaining at the same time.  She received lots of scratchies and may be a little sensitive around the ears.  I felt honored today as Snowflake allowed me to give her some scratchies on the head.  She also had a good time with the laser.  We watched some TV and played until it was time for me to go.

23-Your little girls were doing fine again today.  Both ate well as usual.  After eating Snowflake positioned herself in her usual place next to the curtain at the hallway to the bath and bedroom in anticipation of the invading red dot from the laser.  Soon she was off and running.  She really gets excited when the red dot attacks her beloved curtain and try's to swat the red dot away. She got her exercise today.  Sprinkles on the other hand was more interested in snuggling.  She came up on the sofa and leaned against my legs and placed the back of her head in the palm of my hand and looked up at me.  Her reward for being so cute was lots of scratchies which she thoroughly enjoyed except for a little bit of itchiness with her ears.

24-Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing well again this morning.  I can tell they are looking forward to their visit.  They both met me at the door.  I think that they hang out at the door in the morning in anticipation of their friend coming over for a while.  They both ate well.  We are fully integrated into a daily schedule.  They want their food right away and while they are separated and occupied eating, I do the litter pans and fill the humidifier and the fountain reservoir.  They expect that when they are united back in the living room that it is play time for the rest of the visit.  Snowflake positioned herself by her curtain and played vigorously with the laser dot, while Sprinkles came up to me on the sofa and whined for her scratchies and snuggling.  As usual I snuggled with Sprinkles while waving the laser with my right hand so that Snowflake could dash all over the living room.

2008-12-26 15:07:45 GMT