How's My Kitty?
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Brooklyn, Entry for December 21-23, 2008
Brooklyn is still being a cool cat and keeping his distance but seems more comfortable with me and remains calm, curious, mildly interested. Greeted me in hallway and watched as I prepped his food in the kitchen (washing up and refilling). Today's menu was chicken feast, with surfside crunch as treats. He remained in my general area for a while and seems friendlier and more playful. Rubbing and arching against the kitchen doorway etc. Tried to entice him with food but still not ready for contact. Disappeared again into the bedroom, but not skittish, still just shy. Same routines as yesterday with litter and trash. All seems well. More tomorrow!

22- All's well in the Brooklyn household. After the meet-and-greet where he seemed to be getting friendlier and more accustomed to this daily visitor, I felt he might be receptive to some wand play and pulled out the green feather and the fish. A little play and then he went off to resume whatever he does whenever/wherever (usually under-bed hammock). Today's menu was turkey feast, with more of the surfside treats. Usual routines and nothing unusual in Brooklyn's world. He seems fine and dandy, calm and content. Til tomorrow...

23- A big change! Petting and tickling and brushing, oh my! Playing and running and hide-n-seek! Other routines (food, water, litter) as before. Guess he's getting used to me:-)
2008-12-24 14:41:45 GMT
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Hello mia, thanks for taking such good care of Brooklyn. I knew he would come around. I cant believe he let you brush him. Good work. He is a sweetheart, enjoy.
--Diane, Brooklyns Mom
2008-12-25 04:57:18 GMT
Hi Mia, I am Brooklyn's Aunt Ellyn from Brooklyn.
Thanks for taking care of the little man, he is a pleasure.
2008-12-26 13:44:47 GMT