How's My Kitty?
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Schmuelie, Entry for December 22-23, 2008
22- Hello and good afternoon!! I had the pleasure of meeting Schumelie. He is a sweet kitty and followed me around every where. After I cleaned his litter box and swept up, he started getting frisky and scurrying about as fast as he can!! He was silly. Then when I was done refreshing his food and water I picked up a black ribbon with a tinsel toy attached to it and started running through the house. BOY HE GAVE CHASE!!! He was like a little puppy dog chasing me. Other than that all as well except when I arrived I noticed the alarm was not on. Everything looked fine in the house so I set it when I left. Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!

23- Hello and good snowy day!! I should start by saying the alarm that I turned on yesterday worked fine. Also a perishable package of fruits came for you in the mail, so I carefully made room on one shelf in the refrigerator for it. Also I scared the crap out of Schumelie because I had to go running through the house to turn the alarm off.... when he saw me running he put up his fur and took off. After that he was fine and we played for a bit. I also took in your mail and tomorrow I will shovel the snow off of your front steps..... it snowed 2-6 inches more this morning. Have a great night and stay warm!! :)
2008-12-24 14:29:50 GMT