How's My Kitty?
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Emily & Baby Cat, Entry for December 23, 2008
22- Good afternoon and a freezing one at that!! Emily & Baby Cat greeted me in the dining room again to await their wet food. Both were then brushed. Emily received her meds. and got her little eyes cleaned out. I took in the mail as well and went around sweeping up the litter trails from up stairs and down. I also put a cup of water in each plant. I threw some more extra salt on the steps and front walk way. Emily and Baby Cat got lots of love and rubbing and seems to be managing quite well:)

23- Good afternoon.... It is crazy outside snowing another 2-6 inches! But Emily and Baby Cat are just fine and are both now trotting downstairs toether to greet me as soon as I come in. When Emily finishes her wet food she hurries up stairs because she knows I'm coming after her with a warm, wet paper towel for her eyes and her meds. Other than that all is well....  FEDEX left a sticky note saying you have to be home to sign for the package today. So, this must be the package you've been waiting for - rther than the large envelope that came several days ago.  Laurie will call you about that. Cheers!
2008-12-24 14:19:53 GMT