How's My Kitty?
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Holly Go-Lightly, Entry for December 21-23, 2008

21 am/pm-  Holly was her usual self. She came to greet me in the dining room. When I went upstairs to tend to her food, water and litter boxes she snubbed me when she saw that I put her pill pocket in her wet food. She is very clever and silly. I made sure I gave her lots of love and pets. I also watered your x-mas tree, and mini tree in living room. Also the two plants in the dining room as well. I also took in the afternoons mail. Other than that everything is well.

22 am-pm- Today's Holly report!  This morning I noticed Holly did not eat her meds. that were stuffed in the pill pockets placed on-top of her wet food, so I have to put them down her throat. She was not happy about it but I gave her lots of kisses and apologized to her. I took in the mail and watered the x-mas tree, cleaned litter boxes and swept up. PM: I had to throw some salt that I had in my car on your front steps this evening, it was slippery. Holly got lots of extra attention and another bowl of her wet food. I have only been giving her half of her one portion am and pm and she seems to eat it all that way. I also gave her her night meds. She is so sly, she knows exactly when it is time for her medicine and will proceed to hide under the computer desk so I have to crawl under and get her. Have a wonderful night!! :)

23-am/pm- Good evening!!! Everything is just fine with Holly. She is a little mad at me because I have to put her meds in her mouth manually. But after awhile she still follows me around like nothing happened and I give her lots of pets and love. I had to put more water in the x-mas tree stand, it was a little low. I also took in the mail and did some of the dishes or should I say tupperware. I also swept off your front steps. Have a great holiday!!!
2008-12-24 13:45:58 GMT