How's My Kitty?
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Isis & Nami, Entry for December 21-23, 2008
21-pm Isis has discovered a new way to extend her kitty visits.  After the initial greeting from the kitties, Isis likes to lay on my shoes and wait for brushing.  Isis knows I can't leave without my shoes, so it is a good place to set up camp.  They have been finishing their food overnight, and sometimes leaving a little in the evening.  Both kitties got treats in the morning. 

22-am /pm- While I was brushing Isis, Nami came up and sat in my lap.  For 10 or 15 minutes, Nami was a mellow (relatively speaking) lap cat.  Isis is always willing, but this is the first time Nami stopped long enough to just relax.  Considering they are probably sleeping most of the time I am not there, it is no surprise Nami is so excited.  Neither of them seem to drink a lot of water, but my cats didn't when they were eating wet food.  Nothing unusual today, just a lot of brushing and purring.

23- Both kitties were very active.  Nami was Nami and shadowed me everywhere, but Isis was unusually playful.  Normally, Isis lays on my shoes or the rug for a brushing.  Today Isis started playing with the fuzzy mouse toys.  Isis prefers the toys to come to her rather than chase them around like Nami.  Isis rolled around with the toys while Nami would surprise attack.  The kitties continue to eat very well, and seem to be doing just fine!
2008-12-24 13:35:57 GMT