How's My Kitty?
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Isis & Nami, Entry for December 18-20, 2008
Dec. 18pm-  Nami greeted me at the door and flopped down for belly-scratching and playing.  Isis soon followed down the stairs and I set down their meal.  They ate for a little while, but seemed more interested in playing.  I rotated between brushing Isis and tossing toys for Nami to tear around after.  Isis played a little with the green fuzzy toy too  and Nami started climbing all over everything.  They were very happy and are a pleasure to watch.  After the kitties went back to eating, I cleaned the litter, got the mail and said I'd see them in the morning!

Dec. 19- Nami was again the door greeter and Isis soon followed with one warm side, fresh off a good nap.  Nami and I now have a routine when I clean the litter.  Nami runs to the top of the kitty jungle-gym and rolls around while I flip the ball and string to her.  She then likes to draw me in for some playful biting.  When I went downstairs, I started brushing Isis.  Isis likes to alternate between brushing and bathing.  The kitties finished all of their food (from previous feeding), and I gave them treats before I left. 

Dec. 20am - Nami and Isis were a little slower than usual coming downstairs in the morning, so they must have been sound asleep.  Their food, as usual, was all gone, and I gave them snacks while I opened a new can.  Nami started batting my ankles from under the couch, so we started to play with all the toys.  While Nami moved from toy to toy, Isis really liked the stick with the tie-dye cloth.  Isis also enjoyed a nice brushing.  Nami liked the brushing, but prefers to change activities frequently:)

2008-12-22 16:25:15 GMT