How's My Kitty?
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Emily & Baby Cat! Entry for December 16, 2008
Good morning, here's today's scoop on your sweet babies. Today I found them each sleeping on the bed together. While I was downstairs Emily came down and starting meowing loudly. I think she forgot some one was there, so I made sure to give her lots of attention so she wouldn't feel lonely - and a treat of course:). Shortly afterward,  she returned to her perch in the window sill. I gave her both meds. and cleaned her eyes as well. Then both kitties were brushed and given their wet food which they happily nibble on for a bit. I also collected the mail and checked plants but they did not need to be watered. AND! I shoveled the porch, steps, side walk and threw down some new salt. (It snowed six inches! ).  Have a lovely afternoon and rest of the day!!!
2008-12-17 19:17:13 GMT